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Crowns, Bridges & Veneers Cover Tooth Stains & Replace Missing Teeth

Whether you have cavities, broken teeth or stained teeth there is a solution for you at Clearwater Dental Clinic. We provide dental crowns, bridges and veneers in Edmonton to help improve the look and feel of your teeth.

Dental Bridges Replace Missing Teeth

Bridges are used to replace lost teeth. Your dentist will use a false tooth surrounded by two crowns to fill the gap in your teeth. The false tooth takes place of your missing tooth while the crowns help keep it in place. Replacing your teeth with bridges not only has a cosmetic advantage, it can improve your speech, chewing and dental health. Many problems can arise if you don’t replace missing teeth, and these include:

  • Tooth shifting
  • Misalignment in your bite
  • Problems with your jaw joint
  • Susceptibility to gun disease and decay
  • Potential additional tooth loss

After a successful bridge placement, you may feel some discomfort or sensitivity to temperatures for a few days. If these symptoms continue, visit your dentist for a checkup appointment. Be sure to ask your dentist how to brush and take care of your bridges so they will last you for years to come.

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