Top benefits of dental whitening treatments

Want to see unsightly stains on your teeth disappear? Or perhaps you simply want to brighten your smile a few shades? In either case, consulting with a dentist who practises cosmetic dentistry in Edmonton should be your first step. Only a dentist can tell you which treatments are best suited to you achieving the tooth colour you desire.

Why consult with a dentist regarding teeth whitening treatments

There’s an assortment of products available at your local drugstore that can whiten your teeth. However, at the very least you should schedule a dental checkup first. This is because some types of tooth discolouration are caused by intrinsic problems rather than by consuming teeth-staining foods and beverages. Dental decay, for example, can cause staining, but no amount of whitening treatment will eradicate this type of discolouration. Instead, the decay will need to be dealt with first, and cosmetic enhancements applied afterwards.

Advantages of using dentist-administered tooth whitening treatments
Toothpastes, strips, and trays are just some of the drugstore varieties of whitening treatments available. However, there a number of reasons why you might wish to pay the extra money to get professional cosmetic dentistry services instead. Tooth whitening with a dentist ensures you get:

· Expert analysis. Do you know if your teeth should be brightened by two shades, or by five? Well, your dentist does. A professional can assess the stains on your teeth, determine what caused them and comprehend the best way to get rid of them.

· Even whitening. At-home treatments can leave you with some teeth whitened and others that are still stained. To get balanced whitening results, your dentist will evenly apply the treatment and ensure all your teeth are perfectly whitened.

· Professional strength. Drugstore brands of whiteners have 3% peroxide in them at most. The strongest product a dentist might use will have 35% peroxide in it. Understandably, the maximum results you can achieve with a dentist by far outshine any you can achieve with a DIY approach.

· Customized shades. When you use drugstore variety whiteners, there’s no guarantee what shade you’ll end up with as a result. Dentist administered treatments on the other hand are carefully formulated to give you much more precise outcomes.

· Long lasting results. No tooth whitening treatment is permanent. What you eat and drink will continue to have an effect on the colouring of your teeth, and dental problems that arise could also lead to new stains. However, dentist-administered treatments are much more long-lasting than drugstore varieties.

Cosmetic dentistry services in Edmonton
Clearwater Dental Clinic offers general and cosmetic dentistry services to Edmonton residents. Our team of caring dentists and hygienists are available to help you achieve the beautiful smile you deserve. Contact us today to find out more about our services or to simply schedule an appointment.

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